The Incidents

Upping the Game

The Nine Tenths Rule
“Invention and application
are two essentials to succeed
in golf, but to be great
requires a gift.”

anon 1907

The Harley Golf Company enjoyed considerable success after switching its entire production in the late 1930's from regular golf clubs to a single product; the world's most popular golf ball. Uniquely designed, it outpaced all competition and with its 75th anniversary fast approaching, the company is raising its profile by sponsoring a prestigious tournament, celebrating with a commemorative edition. But there are other plans afoot. The managing director and principal shareholder have been jointly scheming.

When Veronica Wilson discovers evidence to suggest her grandfather, Henry Wilson, to be the ball's inventor, she seeks acknowledgement from Harley's. Confronted by denial and intimidation, it becomes quickly apparent a cover up is in full swing. Maurice Bainbridge is consulted, but this is no random selection. Henry had seemingly engaged Edward Bainbridge to progress his patent application back in the 1930's, one that was mysteriously curtailed.

Unravelling past events, Maurice unearths the truth and on the eve of the tournament, in full public view, Harley's discover Veronica Wilson is no easy push over.

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