The Incidents

Honours Even

The Nine Tenths Rule
“This game has spoils for the taking, but scores must first
be settled.”

anon 1911

A finger is being pointed at Edward Bainbridge. Was he once involved in a scam in the 1930's intended to cheat bereaved families? Had he abused his position of trust to take advantage at times of distress? One family very much believes so and has evidence to prove it. Confronted, Maurice Bainbridge is given an ultimatum - 'make good or pay the price'. To compound matters, one accuser is a fellow professional and a member of the Queens Counsel.

In defence of pending corruption charges, Maurice pieces together the evidence, only to have the worst confirmed. Yet in passing he makes a personal discovery; his grandfather had led a double life and more recently perhaps, his father too. Membership of the ultra exclusive Royal Epsom Golf Club had afforded Edward Bainbridge access to powerful people in powerful places, the very highest in fact. Had Edward been on a mission, and if so, what had its purpose been?

With the Royal Epsom Golf Club having seemingly kept a watchful eye on the Bainbridge family for over seven decades, speculation mounts as to whether their current interest is intended to protect or persecute.

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